Work areas


Extra-regional Relations:

  • To provide the basis for negotiation and cooperation proposals from the perspective of Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • To conduct a systematic analysis of the impact of global economic processes and decisions on the economies of the region.
  • To evaluate the processes of international trade, economic and financial negotiations, and their implications for regional development and integration.
  • To support Member States, as required, with respect to their participation in the corresponding debates and negotiations.

Intra-regional Relations:

  • To contribute to the development, coordination and convergence of the subregional integration processes in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • To continue with a systematic analysis of the relevant factors to facilitate the harmonic development of integration, particularly of Latin American and Caribbean countries.
  • To promote strategies to identify operational actions to promote coordination and convergence of economic integration at the regional level.
  • To promote actions and proposals related to the Social Dimension of integration and Regional Development.

Technical and Economic Cooperation:

  • To encourage multilateral and bilateral cooperation towards the region from international organizations and donor countries, and to act as focal point for technical and economic cooperation among developing countries.
  • To encourage an exchange of experiences and information about national policies, particularly the most relevant ones for macroeconomic coordination, fight against poverty, promotion of social inclusion and international cooperation.
  • Latin American and Caribbean Regional Programme for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SELA-SMEs Programme).