Strategic Outlook

The Permanent Secretariat of SELA is pleased to announce the publication of Strategic Outlook, resuming the series formerly called Strategic Issues, which was suspended in June 2004 after No. 46.

SELA’s Strategic Outlook contains a brief analysis of current events or issues of interest to the Member States of SELA and the general public, at the international, regional and subregional levels, which may have an impact on the economic, social and cultural development of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Strategic Outlook is a brief, up-to-date and strategic-oriented analytical review. Unlike other regular publications issued by SELA, it is not released on a periodical basis, as its occurrence depends on ongoing events or other emerging topics within the areas of competence of SELA that are relevant for the Member States of SELA.


Strategic Outlook No. 4, November 2012

Strategic Outlook No. 3, August 2012

Strategic Outlook No. 2, June 2012

Strategic Outlook No. 1, February 2012