Case Studies

Periodic though irregular publication which highlights recent experiences as regards practices for promoting cooperation, coordination and articulation among nations and intra-regional and extra-regional integration mechanisms.

Case Study No. 4. August 2017
BREXIT and European integration

Case Study No. 3. April-June 2017
Early warning indicators: Anticipation of external crises for developing countries

Case Study No. 2. April-June 2016
Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX)

Case Study No. 1. January-March 2016
Experiences with the implementation of the Public Policy Index for SMEs in ASEAN


Report on Economic Integration in Latin America and the Caribbean

Biannual publication that provides a series of indicators to facilitate the analysis of the economic dynamics of the Member States of SELA within the context of regional integration, both based on the integration mechanism to which they belong (Pacific Alliance, Andean Community, CARICOM, MERCOSUR and SICA) and on their relations with other Latin American and Caribbean countries and with the rest of the world.

Report on Economic Integration – Latin America and the Caribbean No. 2. January-July 2017
Report on Economic Integration – Latin America and the Caribbean No. 1. March 2016


Economic Series

A collection of monographs which reflects the progress of researches conducted by the Permanent Secretariat of SELA. Its purpose is to disseminate and exchange knowledge and to promote debates on various economic and social issues of special interest for the countries of the region.

Economic Series No. 2018-2. March 2018
A prospective vision of Latin American and Caribbean integration

Economic Series. No. 2018-1. March 2018
The trap of middle income in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Markov chain analysis based on regional subsamples

Economic Series No. 2017–1. July 2017
Central America: Early warning indicators, a tool for times of crisis