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Experience in implementing the Index of Public Policies for SMEs in the ASEAN


NOTE: The Permanent Secretariat also offers access to the following already discontinued publications:


SELA Antenna in the United States

Bilingual (Spanish and English) non-regular publication also produced in printed format. This publication follows up and analyzes the main decisions made by the Government and the Congress of the United States in the economic and related areas of interest for Latin America and the Caribbean or that have had a significant impact on the region.

Bulletin on Integration of Latin America and the Caribbean

Monthly. Also published in printed format. This Integration Bulletin is aimed at contributing to the dissemination and knowledge of the evolution of the integration process in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Strategic Outlook

SELA’s Strategic Outlook contains a brief analysis of current events or issues of interest to the Member States of SELA and the general public, at the international, regional and subregional levels, which may have an impact on the economic, social and cultural development of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Strategic Outlook was a brief, up-to-date and strategic-oriented analytical review. Unlike other regular publications issued by SELA, it was not released on a periodical basis, as its occurrence depended on ongoing events or other emerging topics within the areas of competence of SELA that were relevant for the Member States of SELA. Later, in 2012, four additional issues were published.

Bulletin ENLACE de Cooperación Internacional

The electronic bulletin “Enlace de Cooperación Internacional” was an effort of the Permanent Secretariat to systematize and spread information, news, interviews, studies, documents, meetings, as well as opportunities for scholarships and training among the Latin American and Caribbean community interested in the issue of international cooperation and South-South cooperation. This quarterly bulletin was published from January 2008 to December 2009.

Capitulos Magazine

The last volume of this bilingual (Spanish-English) journal, which was first launched in August 1983, was issued in January-June 2003, when it was suspended. Each issue of Capitulos was devoted to a specific topic of particular relevance for the region and was conceived as a contribution to a better understanding of the economic processes involving the participation of the regional forum, starting from an orderly exercise aimed at motivating readers to an ever more systematic knowledge of punctual and strategic questions about Latin American economy. “Capítulos” became a forum that gathered the highest representatives of the Latin American thinking concerning the integration, cooperation and development processes in Latin America and the Caribbean.