Andean Parliament and SELA make headway on cooperation agreement

September 23, 2022
author: WWW.SELA.ORG
Andean Parliament and SELA make headway on cooperation agreement

The Permanent Secretary of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA), Ambassador Clarems Endara, met with the Secretary-General of the Andean Parliament, Eduardo Chiliquinga Mazón, who expressed his support and commitment to strengthen Latin American integration through the integration of Andean countries.

The Secretary-General of the Andean Parliament underscored his support to SELA's work and the need to work in a coordinated and convergent way on thematic areas that allow for making progress towards the development of the region.

The authorities of the Andean Parliament and SELA agreed to work on a cooperation agreement to be signed within the framework of the 43rd anniversary of the Andean Parliament, as well as to coordinate the agenda on issues of common interest, such as support to medium and large enterprises, migration in the region, among others.

The Andean Parliament is one of the 36 observer organisations to the Latin American Council of SELA and has always maintained a close relationship of cooperation and coordination for the integration of Latin America and the Caribbean.