SELA and OIRSA define actions for food security in the region

September 21, 2022
author: WWW.SELA.ORG
SELA and OIRSA define actions for food security in the region

The Permanent Secretary of SELA, Ambassador Clarems Endara, met with the Executive Director of the International Regional Organization for Plant and Animal Health (OIRSA), Oscar Zelaya, in El Salvador, to make progress in defining actions within the framework of the cooperation agreement between both organisations.

During the meeting, actions were defined for the prevention of Foc R4T in the region and the management of cacao witches' broom, among other tasks, to address the vulnerability of food systems in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In addition, OIRSA presented the Dynamic Climate Agriculture Risk Map, in order to work on the development of the National Agricultural Intelligence Systems and the Integration of the Regional Agricultural Intelligence System.

The cooperation partnership between SELA and OIRSA aims to make effective contributions to the Member States by addressing the vulnerability of agrifood systems for food security in the Member States.

Last April, OIRSA and SELA signed a framework agreement for specialized phytosanitary advice in the respective Member States, through strategic actions aimed at their improvement, sustainability and strengthening in the fight against insect pests, in order to ensure food security in the region.