Chile reiterates its support to SELA in its integration role for the region

August 16, 2022
Chile reiterates its support to SELA in its integration role for the region

The Permanent Secretary of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA), Ambassador Clarems Endara, held a meeting with the Director of Multilateral Regional Integration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile, Ambassador Mauricio Hurtado, who reiterated his support to the Work Programme of the organisation and acknowledged the importance of SELA in these times for the integration of the region.

During the meeting, the Permanent Secretary of SELA described the areas of the organisation's multi-year Work Programme and the agenda for the coming months in the areas of Social Development, Digitalisation and Economic Recovery. “We are pleased to be able to reactivate this relationship with Chile, as a reference country in the region to make progress in integration policies,” he said.

For his part, Ambassador Mauricio Hurtado stressed that Chile wishes to strengthen the relationship with SELA as a pillar organization for integration in the region. “We want to reiterate our commitment to start a new stage in our relationship with SELA, which has a great power of action in the entire region (...) we want to generate the necessary convergences to avoid duplication of efforts (...) you can count on us,” he said.

Chile has been a Member State of SELA since 1977 and has always maintained a close working relationship, which has strengthened synergy and coordination, always willing to promote multilateral cooperation for more and better integration.