Honduras and SELA make progress in convergence agreements

July 27, 2022
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Honduras and SELA make progress in convergence agreements

The Permanent Secretary of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA), Ambassador Clarems Endara, held a meeting with the Deputy Secretary of State in the Office of International Cooperation and Promotion of Honduras, Ambassador Cindy Rodríguez, to strengthen the incorporation of this Member State to SELA's work programme in the coming months.

During the meeting, progress was made in defining a series of agreements that will allow for closer cooperation, especially in the areas of disaster risk management, behavioural economics, diagnosis of food vulnerability and initiatives to support MSMEs in the region.

The Permanent Secretary, Ambassador Clarems Endara, invited Honduras to join the Action Committee for the institutionalization of the Network of Digital and Collaborative Ports, as well as the Productive Articulation Project, which SELA has developed with countries such as Bolivia, Nicaragua and Paraguay, to identify niches and productive linkages in order to promote trade development. For her part, Ambassador Cindy Rodríguez expressed her willingness to maintain a smooth communication in order to make progress in the agreements. “We are here to support each other,” she stressed.

Honduras underscored its support to SELA's multi-year Work Programme and reiterated its commitment to the implementation of agreements and activities related to the area of Economic Recovery and Social Development. The Central American nation has been a member of SELA since 14 June 1976 and has always been a Member State close to the region's integration and economic development policies.

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