SELA holds XLVII Meeting of the Latin American Council

December 07, 2021
SELA holds XLVII Meeting of the Latin American Council

The Latin American and Caribbean Economic Council (SELA) hosted on Tuesday, 30 November 2021, the XLVII Meeting of the Latin American Council, the top decision maker of the organization, currently chaired by Mexico and composed of all the 25 Member States of SELA.

During the past meeting, and as part of its responsibilities, the Latin American Council considered, assessed and approved the work programme for the next year, the annual report provided by the Permanent Secretariat as the executive body, the budget and the financial statements of the organization. In addition, the meeting reviewed the activities of the Permanent Secretariat and the Action Committees.

The Latin American Council is entitled to approve common stances and strategies of its membership in regard of economic and social issues, both at international agencies and forums and before third countries or groups of countries.

SELA pursues enhanced integration through a common agenda of regional blocs for policy making focused on the economic development of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Economic recovery, digitalization and social development are the three major thematic areas contemplated in the multiannual agenda of SELA, prepared in tandem with Member States and passed during the recent XLVII Meeting of the Latin American Council.

SELA, as the executive body of major regional policies, drafted the agenda in close consultation with Member States.

Ambassador Clarems Endara, the Permanent Secretary of SELA, has underscored that the structure and contents of the work programme entails a cross-cutting approach bearing in mind the linkage of the thematic areas. Once completed, the work programme will yield concrete and measurable output for policy and decision making.

All these 46 years of continuous work, SELA has proved to be a regional standing organization of consultation, coordination, cooperation and socioeconomic promotion with an international status before countries, groups of countries, forums and international organizations.

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