“Aware Migrants” - The IOM strategy to reduce illegal migration

November 22, 2021
author: http://www.sela.org/en

Illegal migration to the United States from Central America is among the greatest concerns for the entire society. It causes troubles not only to host countries, but also to the transit countries that the migrants cross on their way to accomplish the American dream.

The International Organization for Migrations (IOM), together with NGO Somos Colmena, has launched multiple awareness campaigns to prevent illegal migration from Central America, particularly Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, and find alternatives for potential migrants to live safely in their countries of origin.

One of these campaigns, “Aware Migrants,” encourages knowledgeable, responsible and legal migration. Also, it makes known to those who arrive in Mexico the possibilities of living legally in that country, preventing them from proceeding to the United States and putting their lives at stake.

With a target audience of migrants from 20 to 40 years old, the initiative relies on the communicational strategy “The truths of an impostor.” In this series of videos, the structure of “Breaking the fourth wall” is used to explain the dangers of illegal migration, particularly human traffic, by contrasting the impostors’ (traffickers) promises with the facts. By means of these audio-visual materials, the campaign promotes the search of information about safe migration.

The campaign also involves the Regional Programme on Central American-Caribbean Migration, aimed at teaching the communities of origin, transit and destination about the importance of generating participation, tools and communication activities with a view to behavioural changes and social development.

The initiative includes informational sites in all the border checkpoints and tips on the website migrantinfo.iom.int/mx on how to apply for a regular status in Mexico.

Mexico and the United States have held frequent meetings to find the way of reducing illegal migration, a phenomenon that has taken a death toll of thousands in the irregular passages across these two countries.

Marcelo Ebrard, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, reported on a recent telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. “I told him that arriving at a regional arrangement would be advisable. We will be in touch for that matter,” Ebrard twitted.

The Mexican Foreign Minister said that he has plans to address the issue again during the ongoing meeting of the UN General Assembly in New York City.

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