SELA presents its journal “Convergencia”

mayo 09, 2022
SELA presents its journal “Convergencia”

The Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA) presented its journal “Convergencia,” a publication aimed at promoting the management of regional integration and bringing detailed information to our respected Member States.

“Convergencia” is a quarterly publication which, in this first issue, presents in detail the Work Programme of the organisation for 2022-2026 and explains the scope of the three areas of work: Economic Recovery, Digitalisation and Social Development, with their respective programmes, projects and activities.

The Permanent Secretary of SELA, Ambassador Clarems Endara, is committed to taking the organisation back to the highest levels of qualification and excellence at the service of the States of the region, but above all at the service of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, who are demanding greater attention from these international bodies.

In this regard, communication plays a fundamental role and is part of the organisation's strategy to facilitate decision-making by Member States, providing information in an assertive manner on the articulation of initiatives in the region that will help overcome the crisis caused by the pandemic through the strengthening of public policies for social welfare.

The next issue of “Convergencia” will feature the progress made in the area of Economic Recovery. The aim is for each issue to be a window of reference on partnerships and teamwork with the 25 Member States for greater cooperation and for more and better integration.

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