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Regional Meeting: Analyses and Proposals for Strengthening the Regional Financial Architecture and Monetary and Financial Cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean
Avenida Francisco de Miranda, Torre Europa, 5th Floor, Campo Alegre, Caracas.
Andrés Bello Conference Room
Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
27 and 28 February 2012


Participants should make their own reservations in the hotel of his/her preference, informing that they will be attending the Regional Meeting so as to benefit from the preferential rates granted to SELA. In case additional support is required, please contact Mrs. Cora Romero, Travel and Arrangements Official of SELA (Telephones: (58-212) 9557111 and 9557124; Faxes: (58-212) 9516901 and 9515292; e-mail: cromero@sela.org.

Following there is a list of recommended hotels for your security and proximity to SELA’s headquarters, including the preferential rates offered to SELA pursuant to agreements signed to that end.

List of Hotels:

Corporate rates for SELA 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/

*****EMBASSY SUITES HOTEL CARACAS – Capacity: 248 rooms

Address: Avenida Francisco de Miranda con Avenida El Parque, Campo Alegre, Caracas 1060
Corporate rates: Junior Suite-single-double Bs. 938,50 + tax
Buffet breakfast for 1-2 persons included
Free bar from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
(On the same block as SELA and two blocks away from the Chacaíto Metro Station)
Contacts Mr. Johnny Casadiego/Sra. Alismar Ruda/Sra. Yubilys Rondon
Reservation Department
Mr. David Benarroch (Marketing and Sales Manager)
Mr. Juan Pablo Herrera / Jessica Delgado (Sales Account Manager)
Tel: (58-212) 276.4200- 700.4200 (master)-(58-212) 276.4502/03 (sales direct line)
Fax: (58-212) - 267 37 61 (reservation) 266.3654 (sales)
Web: www.embassysuites.com
E-mail: reservas@embassysuitescaracas.com
Check In/ Check Out: 2:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
This hotel has exempted SELA from VAT (12%)

***** HOTEL GRAN MELIA CARACAS – Capacity: 666 rooms

Address: Avda. Casanova c/Calle el Recreo, Sabana Grande, next to the “Centro Comercial el Recreo”, Caracas 1060
Corporate rates: Standard room Bs. 989,50 + tax (breakfast not included)
Standard room over- looking the “Avila” Bs. 1.032,50 + tax (breakfast not included)
Double room Bs. 1.032,50 + tax (breakfast not included)
Double room over-looking the “Avila” Bs. 1.075,50 + tax (breakfast not included)
Contacts: Mr. Francisco Muñoz (Sales Coordinator)
(two blocks away from the Sabana Grande Metro Station)
Tel: (58-2) 762.8111 ext 4052 (master)
Fax: (58-2) 762.1389 / 3737
E-mail: ventas1.gran.melia.caracas@solmelia.com
Web: www.solmelia.com
Check In/ Check Out: 3:00 p.m. – 12:00 m

***** HOTEL ALTAMIRA SUITES - Capacity: 235 rooms

Address: 1era Ave con 1era Transversal de Los Palos Grandes P.O. Box. 68174 - Caracas 1060 – Venezuela
(10 minutes in taxi to SELA and one block away from the Altamira Metro Station)
Corporate rates: Junior Standard (50 sq m) Bs. 1.116,49 including tax & 1) buffet breakfast per suite
Executive Standard (66 sq m) Bs. 1.184,75 including tax & (1) buffet breakfast per suite
De Luxe Standard(75 sq m) Bs.1.256,49 including tax & (1) buffet breakfast per suite
Contact: Mrs Vanessa Vazquez (Marketing, Sales, & Reservations Manager)
Mr. Jolbert Zuñiga (reservations)
Mrs Laury González (Sales Executive)
Tel: (58-212) 209.3489 -209.3474 (direct)
(58-212) 209.3111 (master)
Fax: (58-212) 284.2329
Web: www.hotelaltamirasuites.com
E-mail: reserva@alsuites.com / ventas@alsuites.com
Check In/ Check Out: 3:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

**** HOTEL CHACAO CUMBERLAND - Capacity: 78 rooms

Address: Av. Santa Lucia con Ave. Principal del Bosque, Chacaito, Caracas 1050 – Venezuela
(Two blocks away from SELA and half-a-block from the Chacaíto Metro Station)
Corporate rates:
(Including breakfast)
Single room Bs. 640,00 including tax & breakfast
Double room Bs. 670,00 including tax & breakfast
Double room Bs. 700,00 including tax & breakfast
Suite Bs. 1.064,00 including tax & breakfast )
Contact: Ms. Gladys Durán (Head of Reservations)
Tel: (58-212) 952.9833 – 953.8412 (master)
Fax: (58-212) 954.0310
Web: www.hotelescumberland.com
E-mail: gladys.duran@hotelescumberland.com
Check In/ Check Out: 2:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

**** HOTEL PASEO LAS MERCEDES - Capacity: 100 rooms -

Address: Avenida Principal de Las Mercedes, Caracas 1060, Venezuela
(On the opposite side you will find the Metrobus bus-stop that goes to Chacao and El Hatillo)
Corporate rate
including tax,
Single and Double room Bs. 924,00 (breakfast not included but taxes do)
Single room Bs. 1.200,00 single (breakfast included for 1 person, but taxes do)
Double room Bs. 1.300,00 double (breakfast included for 2 person, but taxes do)
Contact: Ms. Carolina Ventura (Sales Manager)
Ms. Joan Delgado and Yusmary Rivas (Executive Sales)
Tel: (58-212) 993.6644 – 993.1244 - 993.9211(sales direct line)
Fax: (58-212) 993.0341- – 992.2797 (reservations via fax)
Web: www.hotelpaseolasmercedes.com
E-mail: reservas@hotelpaseolasmercedes.com
Check In/ Check Out: 3:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

*** HOTEL CAMPO ALEGRE - Capacity: 56 rooms (does not offer a corporate rate)

Address: (Five blocks away from SELA and two blocks from the Chacao Metro Station)
Rates, with tax included,
breakfast not included
Single room Bs. 450 - (breakfast not included)
Double room Bs. 550 - (breakfast not included)
Double room(two double bed) Bs. 680 - (breakfast not included)
Executive room with a small refrigerator Bs. 595 - (breakfast not included)
Junior Suite Bs. 750 - (breakfast not included)
Suite Bs. 990 - (breakfast not included)
Contact: Mr. Vicente Alvarez /Mrs. Nancy Suniega (Operations Manager)
Mr. Orlando Díaz (Head of Reservations)
Tel: (58-212) 265.3946 – 265.5558 – 265.5844
Fax: (58-212) 263.8795>
E-mail: hotelcampoalegre@cantv.net - reservashca@hotmail.com
Check In/ Check Out: 2:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. .

Note 1: Corporate rates are subject to changes without prior notification. Hotel rates in Venezuela are denominated in bolivars and must be cancelled in the local currency.

Note 2: Participants are recommended to make their reservations through SELA so that they can take advantage of the corporate rate. Such reservation should be made in advance in view of the strong demand for hotel rooms in Caracas. Please, contact Ms. Cora Romero, Travels and Arrangements Official of SELA, e-mail: cromero@sela.org, telephone numbers: (58-212) 9557124 (direct line) – 9557111 (master).

Note 3: Bearing in mind the check-in and check-out time of each hotel for reservation. In case the flight arrives very early in the morning, reservations should be made on the day before, as a guarantee.

Note 4: In order to ensure your stay during the first night at hotels in Venezuela, it is absolutely necessary to provide your credit card number, its expiry date and security code. You can send us a separate communication providing this information or tell us via telephone.

Note 5: Hotel Campo Alegre requires making a cash deposit or signing an open credit card voucher at the reception as guarantee.

13 January 2012.
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