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XXXVII Regular Meeting of the Latin American Council
19 to 21 October 2011
Caracas, Bolivarian Republic Venezuela

ITEM I. Organization of Works

An informal meeting with the Heads of Delegation will take place, prior to the opening of the Preparatory Stage, with a view to unifying criteria as regards the following issues:

  1. Election of the members of the Bureau: Consultations will be made to elect the Chairman of the Council, the First Vice Chairman, the Second Vice Chairman and the Rapporteur.
  2. Draft organization of works for the Meeting.
  3. Agenda for the Preparatory Stage.
In accordance with Article 22 of the Regulations, the Latin American Council should approve the Agenda. Once the Bureau has been elected, the Latin American Council should consider the Draft organization of works (Part II of this document) and the Provisional Agenda (SP/CL/XXXVII.O/DT Nº 1-11), during its first working session.

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ITEM I. Organization of Works
ITEM II. FORUM: “Towards productive integration in Latin America and the Caribbean”
ITEM III. Annual Report of the Permanent Secretariat
ITEM IV. Work Programme for the year 2012
ITEM V. Budget of the Permanent Secretariat for the year 2011 and Administrative Matters
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ITEM VII. Election of the Permanent Secretary
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