Observer Organizations to the Latin American Council of SELA


Organization   SIGLAS
  Association of Caribbean States   ACS
  Latin American Integration Association   ALADI
  Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions   ALIDE
  Latin American Export Bank   BLADEX
  Central American Bank for Economic Integration   CABEI
  Andean Development Corporation   CAF
  Andean Community   CAN
  Caribbean Development Bank   CARIBANK
  Caribbean Community   CARICOM
  Centre for Latin American Monetary Studies   CEMLA
  Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean   ECLAC
  European Union   UE
  United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization   FAO
  Latin American Reserve Fund   FLAR
  Financial Fund for the Development of the Plata Basin   FONPLATA
  Intergovernmental Coordinating Committee for the Plata Basin Countries (ICC)   CIC
  Inter-American Development Bank   IDB
  Inter-American Institute for Agricultural Cooperation (IICA)   IICA
  Institute for Latin American Integration   INTAL
  International Organization for Migration   IOM
  International Strategy for Disaster Reduction   ISDR
  International Trade Centre   ITC
  Organization of Eastern Caribbean States   OECS
  Latin American Energy Organization   OLADE
  Latin American Fisheries Development Organization   OLDEPESCA
  Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization   PAHO / WHO
  Central American Parliament   PARLACEN
  Andean Parliament (PARLANDINO)   PARLANDINO
  Latin American Parliament (PARLATINO)   PARLATINO
  Latin American Technological Information Network   RITLA
  Central American Integration System   SICA
  Permanent Secretariat of the General Treaty on Central American Economic Integration   SIECA
  Court of Justice of the Andean Community (TJCA)   TJCA
  United Nations Organization   UN
  United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)   UNCTAD
  United Nations Development Program   UNDP
  United Nations Environment Program   UNEP
  United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization   UNESCO
  United Nations Children’s Fund   UNICEF
  United Nations Industrial Development Organization   UNIDO
  World Intellectual Property Organization   WIPO
  World Trade Organization   WTO