Bolivia and SELA ratify commitment to work for integration

September 28, 2022
author: WWW.SELA.ORG
Bolivia and SELA ratify commitment to work for integration

The Foreign Minister of Bolivia, Ambassador Rogelio Mayta, held a meeting with the Permanent Secretary of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA), Ambassador Clarems Endara, to ratify his commitment with the common work agenda, within the framework of the organisation's multi-year Work Programme.

During his official visit to Venezuela, Foreign Minister Mayta was received by the Permanent Secretary of SELA, who explained the organisation's projects in the areas of Economic Recovery and Social Development, as well as the progress made in the coordination with the Member States to strengthen cooperation for development.

The Permanent Secretary of SELA presented the agenda for the coming months, which includes joint projects with Bolivia on productive coordination to strengthen SMEs, a new methodology to identify productive linkages, risk management systems and the Food Vulnerability Index, among others.

Foreign Minister Mayta reiterated his support for SELA and underscored the need to assess concrete possibilities to advance towards an independent financial exchange mechanism for the region, which would strengthen the integration of Latin American and Caribbean banks.