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SELA to address challenges and opportunities of Orange Economy for regional development in Medellin event


This activity will encourage the creation of formulas for joint work of the public-private partnership and the academy that allow for capitalizing on the creative effort of this productive sector in regional development.

The Permanent Secretariat of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA), jointly with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia, and in cooperation with the municipality and the Chamber of Commerce of Medellín, will conduct the event “Orange Economy: Creating opportunities for regional development”, in Medellín, Colombia, from 5 to 7 August 2019.

The Orange Economy is a classification that comprises a series of productive sectors associated with the visual arts, the performing arts and the dissemination of the cultural and historical wealth of peoples, with high creative value. Specifically, sculpture, painting, photography, music, crafts, design, theatre, dance, cuisine and traditional festivals are some of the activities involved in this economic branch.

Essentially, these cultural and creative industries have an interconnected offer that works on the basis of a dynamics of clusters with productive articulations capable of stimulating activities such as tourism, manufacturing, transport and trade. Similarly, it offers great opportunities for exercising and strengthening regional integration, while broadening cultural and commercial ties through the exchange of creative contents.

In this connection, SELA has arranged to create a space for reflection on the main challenges and opportunities stemming from the Orange Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean, which also allows for gaining knowledge about successful regional and international practices in fostering the joint work between the public and private sectors and the academia in “oranges activities”.

The inaugural session will feature Ambassador Javier Paulinich, Permanent Secretary of SELA, and the Deputy Minister for Business Development of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia, Saúl Pineda, accompanied by the Mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez.

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