Caracas, Venezuela. October  17 to 19, 2012 . Sede de la Secretaría Permanente, ubicada en la Av. Francisco de Miranda, Torre Europa, Piso 5, Sala Simón Bolívar, Urbanización Campo Alegre..


The sessions of the XXXVIII Regular Meeting of the Latin American Council of SELA were held in Caracas, Venezuela, in the headquarters of the Permanent Secretariat, on Av. Francisco de Miranda, Torre Europa, Fifth Floor, Simón Bolívar Conference Room, Campo Alegre. 

The Preparatory Stage took place on 17 and 18 October and the Ministerial Stage on 18 October after 15:00 and 19 October 2012.Item IV. Work programme for the year 2013 

The Permanent Secretariat submited the Draft Work Programme for the year 2013 (SP/CL/XXXVIII.O/DT Nº 4-12) for consideration of the Latin American Council. In accordance with provisions set forth in Decision Nº 440, the following three thematic areas were dealt with: (1) Intra-regional Relations; (2) Technical and Economic Cooperation; and (3) Extra-regional Relations. In each area, there is a description of the projects and activities that are deemed necessary to comply with the mandates of the Latin American Council, as well as recommendations and requests of Member States. In this regard, various consultation meetings were held with representatives of the Member States to prepare this document. 

In addition, the document Proposal for the establishment of the SELA-SME Programme (SP/CL/XXXVIII.O DT N° 10) was submitted for consideration of the Latin American Council. It should be noted that the Permanent Secretariat has been dealing with the topic of SMEs for more than 13 years, in the context of the SELA-IBERPYME Programme, acquiring a great experience in this area and benefiting the countries in the region.